Ian Veneracion pushes through with Canada show sans Austin

VANCOUVER, CANADA — Producers of the “Soul and Heart” Canada tour, featuring Patti Austin and Ian Veneracion, hurriedly put up notices on the doors of Vogue Theatre in Vancouver after the Grammy winner pulled out.


They said Austin was unhappy with most of the arrangements, but they still could not believe that she would just up and leave on the day of the show.


“As far as I know, she’s paid. With all due respect, we all know that she is professional and we are expecting her to at least have that respect and decency to tell us ‘I’m sorry’ or at least respect the audience,” said Backstage Ventures producer Marivic Monteverde.


But fans lining up outside the theater didn’t seem to mind, especially those wanting to see Veneracion.


Monteverde said it was Veneracion who encouraged them to push through with the show even though he himself was surprised to learn that Austin wouldn’t be there.


“Of course kinabahan ako kasi yun nga, I’m more of an actor than a singer naman talaga. When I learned na, I don’t know, she just flew off, it was going to be my show, oh my goodness,” Veneracion said.


After local talents opened the show, cheers echoed throughout the theater when Veneracion came on stage.


Veneracion had an easy rapport with the crowd and even invited two fans on stage as he performed.


He sang a medley of songs that brought back memories of his school bus-riding days, including a song that he dedicated to Austin.


Though he admitted that singing is a fairly new challenge to him, fans thought otherwise and said they loved his performance.


“Mafi-feel mo naman if they feel shortchanged. I didn’t feel that. They didn’t make me feel that at all,” the actor said.


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