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Bar passer's mantra: Never give up Photo courtesy of Weng Rivera's FB page.

MANILA -- Weng Rivera took the long road to his dream of becoming a lawyer.

Still good natured with an exceptional sense of humor who grew up in Sampaloc, Manila, this clerk of court in Calamba, Laguna started studying law in 2001 when he was in his mid-30s, married and while he already had three daughters.

He met his wife, Mavic, when he was in his early 20s while they were both members of the choir at the Sta. Teresita Parish Church, in Mayon, Quezon City. He then took a job as an employee at the Supreme Court.

Raising a family was not enough of a challenge however and he decided to study at the law school nearest his place of employment and completed the course in 2005.

The challenge to test his grit, however, was far from over before hurdling the grueling four-week Bar examinations.

"All the times I took the bar examinations are memorable for me," Rivera said.

"First time I took it, I almost made it. But not quite. Kulang ng (my rating was short of) .025. The second time, kulang ng (it was short of) .45 and the third, kulang ng (it was short of) .1. After eight years, I took a refresher course and I did not expect to pass in the 2016 bar," he added.

"Just don't give up. Don’t lose hope," Rivera reminisced. "Mavic supported me all the way."

Last year saw the total examinees -- 8,155 – swell, the most number so far in the history of the Bar examinations.

The 2018 Bar Examination last November was the 117th in the country. (PNA)


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