Asian media groups told to adopt new technology Chinese Vice Minister of State Council Information Office Guo Weimin gives his speech at the Boao Forum for Asia's Asia Media Cooperation Conference in Boao, Hainan Province on Friday, March 29, 2019. (PNA Photo by Kris Crismundo)

BOAO, Hainan Province -- Media groups in Asia are urged to innovate as the new media age has started, China’s State Council Information Office Vice Minister Guo Weimin said Friday.

During the Asia Media Cooperation Conference as part of the Boao Forum Asia (BFA) Annual Conference 2019, Guo said the media industry in the region shall embrace the omnimedia era by advancing innovation through adopting new technology.

Omnimedia is the convergence of various channels in the media industry, shifting from single platform to multiplatform –print, television, radio broadcasting, and internet.

“Innovation is the driving force for social development, and media is an important key for this change. Innovation is the key to media development… We need to take advantage of the advancement of new technology, so the latest technology can be applied in media development,” Guo said.

He noted that mobile media will also play a critical role in ushering the industry to this new era of rapid growth.

As the new media age has started, Asian media groups shall develop a new trend of strategy and cooperation and align it with each other, he added.

“In the omnimedia age, we need to reach consensus and share best practices to create more cooperation program,” Guo said.

Likewise, BFA Department of Media and Culture Head Zhong Hui said this new technology should strengthen the media industry in Asia.

“The voice of Asia should be delivered by Asian media, but we are weaker compared to America and Europe. We need to take action together to make our voice louder together,” she said.

Meanwhile, Philippine Broadcasting Service Deputy Director Carlo Jose Villo represented the Philippines for BFA Asia Media Cooperation Conference.

Villo said the state-owned radio network continues to search for breakthroughs in communication and technology to improve the government’s media services. (PNA)


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