Zambo City prepares plan for El Nino

The City of Zamboanga is now bracing its agriculture sector as Mayor Maria Isabelle Cliamco-Salazar ordered the city government to deliver actions to prepare for the effects of the incoming dry season which is expected to hit.


According to City Agriculture Office officer-in-charge Carmencita Sanchez, their plan is composed of a series of advocacy meetings with local farmers and fisherfolks together with concerned national government agencies and NGOs, and other sectors of society.

They also said that they are now looking for ways on how the palays can be planted immediately after harvest, so that the farmers can maximize the use of water before it dries up because they also expect a decrease on water production.

OIC Chavez also said that they have been advising the residents to conserve water and use it efficiently to avoid shortage.

 While, there are also other measures prepared including the use of alternative root crops and vegetables that are drought-tolerant such as camote, cassava, gabi, ube and many others.

And if this El Niño scenario comes to worst, the officials said that there is nothing to worry about because they have an irrigation water rationing scheme ready to be implemented to supply rice fields on a scheduled basis. 




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