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Are we worshipping a highly-evolved extraterrestrial God?

Extraterrestrial life is no big deal. It is the same flow of life we call Creation or God, at a different stage of evolution and/or on a different wavelength of experience. But many of these people are years, sometimes millions of years (in our version of time) ahead of where we are technologically and in their understanding of the universal laws. If we judge the credibility or craziness of something only from the viewpoint of our scientific achievements on this wavelength of Planet Earth, we will never understand what has happened to us. This is why I ask the disbelievers to open themselves to other possibilities. If you were a peasant farmer in the mountains of some independent society in deepest Asia, you would find it impossible to believe a description of Las Vegas. But Las Vegas would still exist. And remember, only a short time has passed since the idea of humans flying off into space was considered silly.

Over a number of years, as I have wanted to understand the nature of the human condition, a story has begun to shape in my mind. I read a book called Bringers Of The Dawn, a 'guided' book, in that the writer, Barbara Marciniak, set her consciousness to another wavelength of life and acted as a guide to bring information to this Earth vibration. I am always careful of guided books because, like everything, this process can produce inspired understanding or a load of complete nonsense. It depends on the capability of the guide and the level of the wavelength to which they are connecting. As someone once said of contact with those no longer on this Earth: "Death is no cure for ignorance". If you connect with wavelengths close to this one, you can be seriously misinformed.

Bringers Of The Dawn claims to be the words of a consciousness communicating from the star system we know as the Pleiades. I know if you are new to this, it all sounds so weird and hard to accept. But all I can do - all any of us can do - is to say what we believe and feel. I believe that this star system called the Pleiades, or at least the more evolved groups from there, are part of a universal operation to set people and this world free from the prison we have unknowingly lived within for aeons of what we call time. We are the generation who are going to see this happen.

Planet Earth was hijacked, you could say, and taken over by another civilization or civilizations, which are highly advanced technologically, but pretty low on love and wisdom. This is, as always, a telling and greatly imbalanced combination. I call it 'cleverness without wisdom'. We live in a free-will universe where, within certain limits, we are allowed to experience all of the emotions, and learn from the outcomes of our actions. So taking over a planet does not bring in the 'father', the Source of All That Exists, to immediately gain control from the hijackers. It is used as a period of experience from which all will learn and evolve. We live in a time-space reality - "world" - called the Third Dimension and it is from some of our "neighbors" in the Fourth Dimension that the intervention has come.

Whenever I speak of the extraterrestrial consciousness or the Prison Warder consciousness I am referring to manipulation from the Fourth Dimension via either thought control or direct intervention. Both the hijacking extraterrestrials and those with humanity's interests at heart were regular visitors to the Earth thousands of years ago. They became the 'gods' in the ancient writings and legends which have formed the foundations of most, perhaps all, of the major religions of today. If an extraterrestrial landed on the planet in ancient times in an amazing anti-gravity spacecraft, or you saw a supernatural vision of someone on another frequency, you would sure as hell think he or she was a god! And they did. This is where the 'gods' - particularly the angry, judgmental, fire and brimstone gods - originated: negative extraterrestrials. The 'fear of God' was born, and this fear and confrontation to change (disobeying the gods) is still in the collective awareness. Over time, these various god myths became attached together to form 'combined gods', based on ideas from many of the earlier civilizations. So it is with Judaism, the Christian Bible, Islam, and most of the others. Their version of; God relates to the type of extraterrestrials from which their religion originated or the way many different extraterrestrial stories have become merged into a combined God over the centuries. Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to worship a combined God made up of extraterrestrials. AMEN.

If you look at the beginnings of the major religions, the stories are remarkably similar to those we hear today from people claiming to have met, or been abducted by, extraterrestrials. Mohammed, the founder of Islam in the seventh century, said that he had been visited by the Angel Gabriel, who was "in the likeness of a man, standing in the sky above the horizon." This figure told him he had to be a prophet, and he was given messages which formed the Islamic holy book, the Koran. These messages would be dictated while Mohammed was in a dream on many other occasions in the years that followed. He also wrote of going on a 'spiritual journey'.

Many people in the modern world who claim to have experienced extraterrestrial contact have said the same as Mohammed. Saul of Tarsus, better known as St Paul, was the man who changed the image of Y'shua (Jesus) into the savior-god- messiah from which the Christian religion was produced. This happened after he had a 'vision' of Y'shua on the road to Damascus. He also talked about being 'taken up' into heaven, or a number of different heavens (dimensions). Speaking of himself, he wrote:

"I know a man in Christ who fourteen years ago was caught up to the third heaven. Whether he was in the body or out of the body, I do not know - God knows. And I know that this man - whether in the body or out of the body I do not know, but God knows - was caught up in Paradise. He heard inexpressible things, things that man is not permitted to tell."  Corinthians 12: 2-4.


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