How a house becomes a home

Some people dream of having a 3-storey house while some wants even with 1. Some prefers 1 master bedroom over 5 different rooms. Some may want to have a theater and gaming room, a wardrobe, and other sorts of facilities while there are people who are contented with just a kitchen and a dining room altogether. The point is, what makes a house a home is not only the number of storey or rooms, not the equipment and furniture, but those who live beneath it.

Imagine how big and luxurious a mansion could get but still feels so empty while a shanty could be made just out of sticks and fill it with nothing but still have a strong foundation and a happy and joyful vibe. This just proves that contentment and simplicity is really something that no grandeur can provide.

 If you are someone dreaming of having a home but frustrates yourself about how you will be able to achieve your ideal house, maybe you should think things over first.  Because even though they say you are as limitless as your dreams, in reality, it is still better to have realistic and achievable visions to make sure will be able to reach all of it.

You can analyze your capabilities basing on your needs and your resources of building your own house. No pressure. Some prefer to invest on rent to own houses which are more practical and budget-friendly. Condominiums on the other hand can be more expensive but cozy, secured and comfortable. But of course, who doesn’t one to have their home own customized home.  Having a house built based on your ideals and preference is the best way that it can be.

Here in the Philippines, the cost of building a house nowadays can range between PHP 14,000 to PHP 18,000 per sqm. So, building it all up, an average terraced home with one to two bedrooms may cost between Php25, 000-Php35, 000 per square meter while detached houses and high-end residence, on the other hand, costs between Php55, 000-Php64, 000 per square meter. These already include expenses for mechanical, electrical and plumbing services. Basically, an ordinary two-storey house with a floor area of 150 square meters and a one-car garage will set you back between Php2.5 million to Php3 million.


Worry not because there are developers who will help you out if you want to start from scratch. But of course, you still need sufficient amount of resources before you can accomplish this goal. You can slow it all down if you still don’t have enough funds. you can have it worked out from time to time until it’s done or you can also save resources first until you have enough so that the construction will go straight and smooth. This depends on you. My only tip is that if you think you cannot do it all at once, don’t force it because you can do it slowly but surely. What’s important is that you progress from time to time.

In the end, no matter how big or simple it is, no other place would feel like it because it belongs to you. It is where you will create memories with your family, your place of comfort after a day’s hard work and this is surely where you will spend the best of times of your life with your love ones. So, love it and be proud of it.




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