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Planning for Your Next Great Getaway

Be safe, be sure, and be ready.

This is what I learned after reading a story from a seasoned young journalist which also happens to be well-traveled. As he recalled his many destinations, he also included some tips of how to prepare and what should we do whenever we are traveling. I can say that whatever purpose you have for traveling, either within or outside the country, what he shared is essential to have a memorable safe trip free of any untoward incidents.

For the record, I admit that I haven’t traveled that much in my entire life. But that didn’t stop me from dreaming and imagining myself on a lot of different places. But I know for sure, that if the time comes when I’ve had the opportunity and the capability to set my foot away and go to distances, I should be well informed enough and I should’ve prepared my mind, body and spirit for whatever awaits for me on my future adventure.

Saying is always easier than doing. It’s also easy to make yourself believe that you are ready to explore horizons even though in reality, you’re still not. The most important lesson that I have read and I am always receiving from most travelers and explorers is to do research which they refer to as your primary “assignment.”

Whether you’ll be visiting a foreign country or even just a far away province from within your own, it is still important to do your research. It’s better to be aware of what you should expect than be shocked because of having no idea at all.

Here’s are some of the things that you need research about and be aware of especially when going on a vacation into a foreign country:

                    1.)   Basic words of the local language

                    2.)   Nearest restaurant, hospital, police station and embassy

                    3.)   Do’s and Don’ts according to their culture and traditions

                    4.)   Local Hotlines

Remember that communication and interaction with the people is important for the safety of your trip. It is the best way for you to not get lost. While knowing simple routes and directions is like a way of familiarizing yourself with the place even if you’re still not there. This way, it would be easier for you to know where to go in case of emergency or if needed.

There are also a few things you should secure before going out. It is not advisable to bring a lot of unneeded stuff for a more efficient and comfortable travel. It is more practical to free up some space but make sure to bring the following:

1.)   Photo or scanned copy of your passport, visa, birth certificate and valid identification

2.)   List of emergency numbers including your bank’s

3.)   Contingency fund secured somewhere you can easily access it

It is also not advisable to bring a bunch of cash because there are higher chances of it getting robbed or stolen which would lead you to trouble. Instead, it would be better for you to bring just a small amount of cash as emergency funds and use your credit card to pay for your expenses. But be sure to check with your bank if your card is ready for overseas use and if it covers travel insurance.

Lastly, more than being safe and secured, enjoyment should be your ultimate goal as you go to see places. Do not let the anxiety of how to not get in trouble overcome you because sometimes, the best memories are crafted during the most unexpected moments.


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