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2018 Philippines’ Best world-class islands

The Philippines undeniably has one of the best archipelagos in the world. Its unmatched beauty is world-class that’s why it is decorated with prestigious awards and recognition from almost every part of the globe. Tourists of all nationalities have it on top of their list.

This is why among its 7,600+ islands; it’s really hard to choose where to start. So,  we have listed some of the best islands the Philippines has to offer. This way you can also have a hint of these majestic places and why they’re famous worldwide.

1. Siargao, Surigao del Norte

This teardrop-shaped Philippine island is home to more than 15 separate surf breaks, including the legendary Cloud 9, which counts many well-known surfers among its fans. It has been popular for years. It has breath-taking scenery that every surfer would surely fall in love with it.

2. Boracay, Aklan

This may be an itty-bitty for an island in the Western Philippines but it is as close to a tropical idyll as you’ll find in Southeast Asia, with gentle coastlines and made-for-Instagram sunsets. Fold in a thriving nightlife scene, and you have one of the top tourist spots in the region. Unfortunately, it's become too touristed—the island closed for "rehabilitation" in April to compensate for overcrowding and Unregulated development but is now being re-opened to cater to limited visitors.

3. El Nido, Palawan

As a regular contender to the list of the world's best islands, Palawan is home to the otherworldly Puerto Princesa Subterranean River, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site worth the trip alone. Many make El Nido and its blue lagoon their base, though, to explore the Bacuit Archipelago.

4. Palaui Island, Cagayan Valley

Unlike the others, this island is a natural secret as it was isolated-- only the brave and persevering bother to visit. Glorious white sands surrounded by volcanic rocks on one side kiss blue-green waters on the other. Snorkeling and diving bring you face to face with coral gardens and a rich marine reserve.

Palaui is all about raw beauty. But it takes some work to get there.

Treks should be blessed with clear blue skies, patient companions and trusted local guides.

Getting to the island's most prized stretch of beach requires battling thorny grass, muddy ground along with rich mangrove forest.

5. Bantayan Island, Cebu

Similarly, Bantayan has remained also relatively untouched by modern life, save for a smattering of foreigners who have taken up residence, sucked in by the island's white sands, aqua-colored waters, and red-gold sunsets.

Beers are cold and cheap, townsfolk are hospitable and the dreary troubles of the outside world are easily forgotten; some consider this the perfect combination to a perfect vacation trip.

Now that you know, have you made up your mind about your very own bucket list yet?


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