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Mindanao: Beyond Beauty

While the Northernmost islands of the Philippines have finally been steadily gaining attention through glimpses of its beauty, a pearl in the Southernmost part of the Philippines has yet to be fully explored with the appropriate attention it deserves.

From the genuine smiles of its people, to the rich way culture is celebrated in the South, and up to the unique delicacies that await you in Mindanao is home to exotic finds and exhilarating adventures           

As an advocate of Mindanao tourism, Senate Candidate and peace promoter Shariff Albani believes that there is much to see in the beauty of Mindanao, publishing an entry in his website that campaigns: “One of the best places to go [to] is at the end’s tail of the Philippines.”

As one of the largest islands in the country, it offers a wide variety of must-sees and #travelgoals. Pairing its tropical aesthetic with a delightful sunny climate, Mindanao is an absolute magnet for summer-loving tourists and travelers.

Mindanao is also home for several enchanting scuba diving sites and world-class beaches.  That said, the island has become irresistible for luxury hotels and resorts. To cater to hungry explorers, trendy restaurants and bars set-up camp in strategical places around the island.

Armed with an abundance in natural resources, the agricultural industry contributes greatly to the island’s economy. Primed with stable climate conditions and fertile soil, Mindanao has been rechristened as the “Untapped Breadbasket of the Philippines.”

There is so much to see in Mindanao—and it isn’t limited to just the beaches nor the natural complexities of the island. There is a love in the culture, the people, and the land that only the experience can explain. And if there is someone in you who wants to discover splendor beyond beauty; then you’ll have to experience Mindanao for yourself.


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